She might not be the best singer of the event or the biggest winner of the evening, taking home not even one award, Rihanna did inspire me to make this article. In her new video only girl in the word Rihanna sings about how she would lake to made ‘feel’. I made up a complete look for you to try out and get inspired by.

The first thing is you make up. I found this old Michelle Phan video on Youtube, it’s very simple but very girly and  simple so it’s easy to try it yourself.

The outfit I selected is this cute white with flower print dress from New Look, it’s a 30 euro’s dress so not that expensive. Check the dress out it’s called the You Floral Dress. where it with a Fairisle Knitted Legging or another legging so you don’t get cold and finish this look by wearing some of your favourite heels, like this black pair from mango or finish your look by wearing some very cute sneakers like this cute pink vans pair.

Finish this look with some simple jewelery.

Bracelet from pandora
From buda to buda
Bracelet from sepora
Tulle Flower Anywhere Clip
hair piece from saphora 

Don’t forget to add some nice pair of earrings to you look as well. I hope you like it!

Harley Light Rose Pierced Earrings Set
From Zwarovski