Mulberry / The Oversized Alexa
$1,250 –
Messenger briefcase »

ChaunceyCashmere scarf (grey)
188 EUR –
Cashmere scarves »

Soul Cal Flip Top Gloves
7.99 GBP –
Soul Cal gloves »

Rag & Bone Check Sport Shirt
$195 –

Humor Santiago Banana Jeans
$155 –

Jeans Skinny
139 EUR –

BLUE CROWN Clear Sunglasses
$9.99 –

Aero Athletic Div. Graphic T
$9.75 –

This set was made for the man. I wanted to make a little something for the man as well because I really like men’s fashion as well. So I hope you like it and if you are a boy, I hope you will get some inspiration for you fall wardrobe and if you are a girl, I hope you will try to mix masculine and feminine clothes together to create very strong, but still feminine look.