This week has been an terrible week. It was quite exhausting and eventful. Not only did the sun shine an awful lot less than it did last week, I also had boring classes and the worst of all the situation in Japan got even more worse that it already was. The protests in Libya continued while (tent-lover and notorious dictator )  president Moubarak didn’t want to give the people of Libya what they want. Like the drama abroad isn’t enough I also had some stress from school.
Despite that all I managed to get a little moment for myself. In that (really) short break I had, I decided to make some pictures for facebook. I hadn’t made new photo’s in ages so I was really looking forward to make them, edit them and making an complete product. But there was a Little problem, I promised myself I wouldn’t make meaningless pictures anymore (because I don’t want to be compared with a facebook slut who changes her profile pic every single week and makes the pictures just to get attention). No these pictures had to have a bit of a story going on.
Well this is the final result and while I don’t have an 600 euro’s costing camera or fancy lighting and a photo studio, I think the pictures came out looking quite OK. The pictures represent the you in yourself. I wanted to portray the inner me, the clean, raw me. As I noticed I didn’t had a lot time left to work on myself (as a lot of you people do) and with this picture I wanted to remind me to take care of the me inside myself. Not just the outside but also by caring and pampering the inner me. So this pictures are for your inner me. Because If you can’t take yourself as you are how are you going to love somebody else?