This look was inspired by an old lady I saw the other day walking down the street. She reminded me of an old movie (I sadly do not remember the name of) that was inspired by the old Maya culture. So I decided to make a look soothed for an Maya goddess in the 21st century. To re create this look without paying the price tag of a queen just go visit your local H&M, Primark or NewYorker and try to finds old looking jewellery’s with lots of big stones on it. Try to match as much as colourful jewellery to get the luxurious look you want. ( a little side note, do not exaggerate the amounts of jewellery, because a lot of jewellery could make you look cheep or not well put together.) Try to keep the rest of the outfit looking simple and stick with one colour per piece to create some peace in your look. Just finish your look with some very cute looking heels and a nice bag and your good to go!
I hope you liked it!