Music by TheChrispy97  Remix of the H&M Girls on Film tune

Ballet doesn’t necessary has to as boring as you might think. It is has been an foundation for all sorts of dances and art platforms. By the use of just a few  basics of ballet you can easily make your own dance movement. In the same way you could apply this rule to fashion. Take one very good basic and mix and match it until you have found your own perfect mix.

I decided to take a basic element from the dance scene and I eventually went for Ballet. I wanted to mix ballet up with some Rock ‘n Roll influences and see how that would work out. After searching the right way to present you my likes, so I decided  to just show you 10 pieces that I really like and think catches one or both elements in fabric, look, history ect. I mostly consentrated on the color black. I hope you like it!

Top Britt by MondayMarch 

Skirt Fanu by ICHI

Tee Destress by

Tunic Lisu Taupe by ICHI

Jacket Jagan by SuperTrash

Dress Dasher by SuperTrash

Blazer Sandie by MBYM

Pants Wind Leather by Vero Moda Very

Jumpsuit Dalinda by SNOB

Dress Carinne by Motel