It’s sunday so time to get some style inspiration for upcoming week. I came across a serie of style videos called the ABC of men’s fashion by Hardy Amies.  To honor the book Hardy Amies wrote in 1964 called The ABC of men’s Fashion,a guide to gentlemen’s style and etiquette, in short video’s some of the world’s most influential people involved in fashion and creativity give their own view on style and the essential. 
I wanted to share the clip above with you because those 2 guys in my eyes have a lot of style. The Video features Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi from style blog street etiquette.  The way the look at fashion and reflect that to their everyday-wear really inspires me. I know most of the images you see in magazines and online are from fashion shows, that show you certain clothes and looks, but it’s really ,to quote the guys, what you do with the clothes and how you wear it in your everyday life that sets you apart from the others and shows your style. That’s why in my eyes Street Style is so important, to see real style, fashion and trends you have to look at the streets. Hope you guys like it. Have a nice Week!