Remember I told you guys about some projects I was working on lately?  Well, one of those projects was the new concept for AMFI’s very own statement store: by Amfi’s X-Mess. After a few weeks of hard work, saturday we finally shared this concept with the world. To celebrate that X-MESS was a fact, we held a store launch and herewith are some pictures from that night. Special thanks to Dena and Mary for the pictures!

The story behind the X-MESS concept is the holidays gone wrong. “In spite of your best efforts to make everything go according to plan during Christmas there is always something out of the ordinary happening at this time of the year. Those moments stand out around the holidays and give you something to laugh about next year.”

The aim of the shop was to look and feel messy- but in a fashionable way of course. For instance the bright red table in the middle of the shop is styled like a messy Christmas table with broken dinner sets and delicious fashion items.

For the first time in history the shop exclusively sold items from (old) AMFI students. This to offer (ex) students a platform where they can showcase their work. The shop sells products from labels like Atelier de l’Armée, By FoA, L.A.N.D, just to name a few. The store is located at Spui 23, (1012 WX) in Amsterdam.
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