Mercedes is back with another short film. This time it’s to promote their Mercedes-Benz CLA .

The film is directed by Ryan McGinley, one of the youngest artists to have a solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art. The film is quite different from theirs previous ones.

When I first saw the film I didn’t know what I thought of it.
The fact that aspiring Super model Karlie Kloss was in it was appealing and I loved how she looked in all-white Cloé, but was is necessary to put her and a horse into a car commercial? 
A lot of things felt quite off on first sight for me. It wasn’t until I Googled the director and read the background story on the Mercedes website and watched the film for the second time that I completely got the story.

As Mercedes writes on their website: “When you see a driver and a car you expect clearly assigned roles: the driver is in control of the vehicle and the vehicle does what it is told. Ryan McGinley turns this logic upside down.” 
 Though I expected more from creative direction and co-founder of Dazed & Confused, Jefferson Hack, I think Ryan McGinley did a great job incorporating his own signature into this film. What are your thought on this movie?

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