For the first time in my
blogging career I had the privilege to attend the Dennis Diem show
this Fashion week. As a big fan of the 30 something y/o Diem, my
expectations were high
for his show. Lucky I was not
disappointed after seen his Florence Nightingale (FW 2013/14)
. The garments shown in the
Florence Nightingale were very theatrical, feminine and had strong
 All characteristics that seem go perfectly with mister Diem’s Design signature. The designer approaches
fashion as a craft. To the point that he studied original corsets of
Marie-Antoinette and used his findings to manufacture his own handmade corsets.
For this collection the
Dutch designer draw inspiration from.

Florence Nightingale, a British icon of the nineteenth century who was a compulsive genius, a social reformer, nurse, author of thousands of writings and founder of modern nursing. Although she was considered brilliant by many, Nightingale was an angel who sure had to face some demons. To cope with her inner demons and process the loss of so many soldiers during the Crimean War she developed the polar diagrams. The clean lines of the diagram gave her clarity in her head.

Though corsets and high heels are not considered ‘every day wear’. The fascination for Diem in corsets is the changing female forms. As Diem expresses: “The posture changes when the body is constricted. The same applies to high-heeled shoes, it changes directly the charisma of the woman”.
I admire the way Dennis Diem tries to make garments that bring out the inner woman. As for the collection, the clean lines in the collection, clashed with the white, powder colors and feminine, flowing dresses which was a successful of representation of Florence Nightingale.

“Give us back our suffering, we cry to heaven in our hearts – suffering rather than indifferentism, for out of nothing comes nothing.” (Nightingale, 1860)
Special thanks to Ganbaroo PR.