For the 4th time already, young fashion designer and finalists of the first edition of the Green Fashion Competition, Winde Rienstra showed her new collection during AFW. The collection, titled “Mourning Cloak” is in big contrast compared with her previous collections. “Mourning Cloak” was inspired by old Mexican and Japanese cultures and the refreshing way they cope with death. That’s why she traded the whites and bright colors in for blacks and sand like colors in her latest collection. For this collection she used fabrics made from materials like mohair, wool, cotton and latex.

I like how Winde uses unusual materials to make something spectacular. Making something ordinary, extraordinary. A great example are the insanely stunning looking shoes she crafted from wood and tie wraps. They went surprisingly well with the ultra-mini short dresses and Long dresses with a deep slit.

 Her collection in my opinion showcases craftsmanship mixed with modern lines, mixing old knowledge with new perspectives. I like how she got out of her comfort zone and tried something new for her latest show.

 Even though it was mostly the color what was the biggest change, I still loved how Winde manged to surprise me with this collection. I never thought death could be fashionable, but she proofed me wrong.

 According to Winde: ‘The modern architectural designs can be seen as a poem of death’.
Special thanks to Cream PR