Original images by Tommy Tom
Yes, you red it right, I
am challenging you to a Battle!

Sans-Online, a dutch web
shop that sells quality clothing brands for man and woman, is holding
a cool ‘Battle’.
You may know Sans-Online
because I occasionally shop on the website, you can fiend previous
posts about the web shop here and here. At the moment they are
running a very cool Bloggers Battle. The winner will get €500,-
Store credit
to spend on sans-online.nl.
Thanks to the many hours I
have spend on the site, I pretty much know my way around the website.
So I decided to combine my fashion creativity with my new earned
knowledge and make collages to show you some of the items they sell
in the web shop. The overall theme for the collages was Fashion Week.
With New York and London Fashion Week in mind, I decided to put
together some wearable looks. Hope you guys like it!

Think you can do it better? Be Creative! I challenge YOU to make your own post about this Battle. You can fiend all the necessary information about this Battle here, including other battle posts.  Submissions are accepted until February 28th and the winner will be announced on the 9th of March.