Models: David Agbodji and Dominique Hollington 
Credits: Julia Noni (Photographer) Christian Stroble (Fashion Editor/Stylist) Charlie Taylor (Hair Stylist)
After seeing the work of the talented Julia Noni shining on the cover of commons & sense magazine s/s 13, I just had to share this editorial with you guys. I must admit I have been going through a more black phase in my wardrobe lately, but seeing so much color in the clothing used for this shoot, makes me want to go back to the color blocking 80s all over again.
To get back to the editorial; I like how she has chosen to keep the colors fresh by using a lot of pastels and soft colors this time. The pastel colors are really suiting the dark skin complexion of the male models beautifully. It showed me, being a darker skinned men myself that those colors could really work for me as well. Although I am not that black I do think those colors will work on me.
I feel like my fashion mindset is changing slowly to a more colorful version. The more color the better is becoming my new fashion mantra. What do you guys think of pastel colors and the editorial?