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This week I draw inspiration from a surprising source. As you might know I am not your average cap lover, in fact caps and my head normally don’t get that well along. Most caps don’t suit my head shape making me feel awkward wearing one.
Despite all the bad experiences that I had with caps I still have hope for caps and decided to get inspired by them. Can you believe this is my first blog post ever that is entirely devoted to caps?
I must say I have been noticing quite some cool ones on the streets lately and decided to do some research and select 3 caps I really like. Caps and the lifestyle behind it, the Capology, are strongly associated with street wear and urban clothing, all very true , but the cap industry is making some changes and is opening up these days to the fashion industry making them more accessible for us Fashionista’s. That way the idea of a Capology being the next trend in fashion doesn’t sound that crazy anymore, huh!? What do you guys think?

Black Cap: Snapback – NYC. Limited edition 
Any Forty Anyforty 3d Embroidered