For someone who likes to experiment and explore in life, I must say when it comes to Perfume I am not that gutsy. Fact is I have quite a delicate nose when it comes to perfume. One that doesn’t like to smell too strong fragrances, no offence Becks, I think your fragrances really look good, but I think they really resemble the smell of a typical men’s locker at your local high school.

Perfume is something very personal. Everyone has his own preferences and I know perfume for men are quite strong in general, but I think you really don’t need to smell heavy to smell nice.

Although I do enjoy the smell of herbs, flowers and wood I prefer my perfumes to contain light fresh ingredients to make me smell fresh and energetic. That probably explains my current 2 perfume favorites, Givanchy Play Intense and Diesel Only the Brace.

The “Play Intense” for instance contains mandarin, pink pepper, coffee flower, Caribbean Amyris wood, Tonka bean and patchouli. While the “Only the Brave” fragrance contains lemon, leather, cedar and amber.

Thinking of my preferences for certain kinds of odors makes me curious to know what kind of impression I give people. As they say, the perfume you choose tells others a lot about the person you are. So.. How do you smell?