I am finally settling
down again in Amsterdam and summer is getting closer, I just can’t
wait to get outside and explore the city parks of Amsterdam! On the
way back home after work I am always imagining myself walking around
with friends in the Vondelpark, while the Sun is shining bright and
high in the sky, accompanied by the summer songs from Paulo Nutini.
only thing missing to make these ‘Daydreams’ come true is a trendy
pair of glasses that will sit perfectly on my round (and by then)
smiling face.
why I decided to spot the latest trends for sunglasses for
spring-summer 2013
. So if you are on the hunt for some sunglasses inspiration, regardless of your sexe, this is the post for you.

While looking for inspiration I stumbled
upon pictures shot just outside of Paris Fashion Week and wanted to
share them with you guys.

pictures cover a lot of sunglasses trend we will see this summer,
ranging from bold, colorful statement glasses to mirrors aviator
looked at woman’s glasses, because the trends for mens sunglasses
were not that exciting to look at. 
you guys like it!