Tiger Dragon slayer Tiger tooth necklace | DC gold logo oversized  sweater in black| MTWTFSS Weekday oversized short
in black | Filling Pieces Pony Hair sneakers in black 

Let’s talk
sweaters. As some
believe more is more, I took it upon myself to explore this arguable saying and
experiment with volume. With oversized clothes being a big trend at the moment,
I couldn’t find a better time in fashion to explore the world of volume. I
decided to work with this black sweater I ordered on freestyleextreme.com the
other day and work my way around it. The sweater
in my opinion was very skater like, oversized feeling like a big soft cloth
that is hugging you, while at the same time appealing cool and edgy.
I decided
to pair it with my oversized shorts, not only because I got bored with wearing
skinny’s all the time, but the oversized shorts really complimented the sweater
in a way that really appealed to me. Making it possible to even exaggerate the oversized
silhouette even more.

I know it’s
a lot of black to take in summer, but with all the whites ahead of us for summer,
I thought a little black wouldn’t hurt. My question for you guys, what are your
thoughts on oversized clothes?