Shirts from Jack and Jones Core collection 

Let’s talk about yellow. While shopping for mens winter wear items (heren winter kleding in Dutch), sweaters and long shirts included, I notices that there was not enough love for the color yellow this season. When I think about it, yellow has been an unpopular color in clothes since the day the sun hit the earth. It seems that this cheerful, that is appreciated in pastel tones during summer, has never had a strong representation in winter, something that is a pity when you think about the positive effects the color has on one’s mood. Unless you’re a member of the ‘no color club’ and you’re favorite colors are black, grey, white and some more black. 
Therefore I took it upon myself to add some more yellow into my wardrobe with this yellow shirt from Jack and Jones and by doing so, promote the color yellow, since one cannot have enough cheerful colors. What are your thoughts on yellow?