As I finally recovered from New Year ’s Eve and the massive (almost numbing) hangover that day always comes with, I want to congratulate you all and especially myself to have made it to 2014 alive.
2013 was one hell of a year, that was filled with ups and downs, but the main word that describes 2013 for me is; Opportunity. I had so much opportunity’s this year, I could write a whole blog post about it (don’t worry I won’t bore you with that). 

The biggest opportunities in 2013 happened thanks to you guys, thanks to your willingness to spend some time on the content I make for you guys. Although I also had my blogging ups and downs in 2013, you my dear readers, were there next to me through them all. So I really want to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to you all for sticking with me during my already 3 year long blogging journey. As you guys have given me lots of opportunities in 2013 I can only wish you guys that – or even better, the opportunities of your dreams in 2014.

This year we are going to celebrate 4 years of My Dutch Fashion Style in November and I am so looking forward to experience that moment with you guys. So Cheers to 2014!