Before I share my latest outfit post with you, I wanted to tease you just a little with this amazing sweater I found in -hold your breath, Primark.  while raising a topic. Even tough the idea of fast fashion  is repelling and Primark would be one of the first retailers on my ‘Never to Buy’ list, I just couldn’t resist this Black and White Mickey sweater. As this on going battle between sustainable shopping and wanting to looking fashionable for a reasonable price is one that is constantly there, the decision to buy this sweater wasn’t an easy one. In my opinion it’s not bad to buy those kind of clothes, yet you do have to be aware of what you’re buying and the quantities and qualities. As it is only one sweater I bought, (it was also the last one in the rack) and I plan on wearing it often, I allowed myself to purchase this fashion guilty pleasure. This sweater for example is made of 100% cotton which makes it easier to recycle when time has come to do so. Maybe the tought of Primark joining the 5 Step Detox Programme was some how too soothing to my inner battle. It may not be the best purchase for helping the inviroment, yet it was a conscious purchase and I can justify it. What are your thoughts on this topic?