Let’s talk about those grey days, you know those days just before the summer will burst out and the only things you will be wearing for that time period will be shorts, t-shirts and fashionable sunnies, but let’s go back to those days before that. On those days , I preferably love to armor myself against the easily to catch grey blob, or as I myself like to call it, pre-summertime sadness (not to be confused with Lana del Rey’s Summer time sadness).

I came across Russian brand MCB a while ago. The simplicity of the designs combined with blacks, makes the collection timeless and very much leaning towards grungy.

The perfect clothes to arm myself with in my battle against pre-summertime sadness. I love to add a little bit of grunge to my every day look, just to kick it up a little. So is the ambiance of the brand MCB, this is most noticeable in their brand movie.
What do you like to wear on a grey day?

More information about MCB, visit their website: www.mcbshop.ru