I know where I’m going and I
know the truth. I’m free to be what I want. I’m individual, I’m a free man, I’m
 This powerfull Indonesian word
which means ‘independent’ and ‘free’. Was the foundation and source of
inspiration behind the GREEN PAPER BOYS The
Merdeka! Pack. After 3 collections the time has finally come to make a limited edition
special for which they chose to celebrate this powerful Indonesian word.
Based on the belief that
feeling ‘merdeka’ is an important foundation in anyone’s life, the special uses
polyester, spandex and nylon blends to provide a light and breathable feel to
keep you comfortable while hustling hard.

The Merdeka! Pack contains a long sleeve jersey in crisp black and white, and a black flag. The special is now available for pre-order and starts shipping from September 24. Exclusively at greenpaperboys.com