It’s time for another Music and car merge. After several collaborations between car brands and Dj’s. This week Famous rapper, DJ, entrepreneur and music producer presented his version of the Lexus NX SUV during Paris Fashion Week. The car, which will be headlining the brands ‘Striking Angles’ campaign is customized with a Ultra Wide bodykit , 22 -inch aluminum wheels , brushed aluminum, carbon vinyl ‘ and matte white pearl -shell. 

According to the Black Eyed Peas member it was a “Incredibly honored ” to work on this project together with Lexus. As he explains: “When Lexus asked me to make the Striking Angles campaign for the Lexus NX, my first question was whether I would be able to develop my own version.I ‘m therefore extremely honored that Lexus has indeed made this possible. The Lexus NX I present in Paris, has my personal touch. In my eyes, a design at its best when it is interpreted by others.
So he did, has had his design ideas unleashed on not only the outside of the car but also the interior of the Lexus NX was customized to fit the rapper/DJ’s needs . With brushed aluminum details not only in the back of the car but also in the floor mats, the use of luxurious nappa leather -ofcourse selected by the music producer himself- seats and steering wheel fitted with an exclusive # willpower logo AND equipped with four cameras, which gives you an 180 degrees image while driving, makes this car suited for the modern tech savvy metropolitan. Oh and did I include that his NX version Charges your smartphone wirelessly via the unique Wireless Charging Tray?