The birth of Amsterdam based menswear brand ONEMANSHOW
was a quick and a sudden one back in 2013. While at the time the brand didn’t
make much of an impression on me, I have to say the brand successfully
surprised me with their latest collection. 
The Brand, founded by four exiting young individuals, recently presented
it’s FW 2014 collection on their new website and the brand has never looked
better before.
ONEMENSHOW likes to describe itself as: ‘A decadent,
outspoken fashion brand for men.
Think: artistic, cultural, rebellious and
individualistic influences, with collections for smart men, who are ambitious,
open to new experiences, always eager to learn and ready for success.’
I would describe the brand as Urban Sexy with a big
focus on textures and prints. With the heavy use of leather in the collection,
the brands winter collection definitely won’t be winning over PETA any time
soon, but who doesn’t love a good quality sheep leather product. You guys were
already ware of my affection for leather and black and taking a glance at this
lookbook reassured my preference for this perfect combo.
The collection is in stores now and I already have my
eyes set one some cool Baroque print shirts and leather cardigan.

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