There isn’t a lot in life which beats great men with
style, but even the most stylish persons in the world have to admit, there was
someone in their lives at some point who inspired them to dress a certain way. I
am the first to admit everyone needs role models to have something to hold onto.
With a lack of Male style icons compared to the overwhelming pile of female
style icons, the Magazine Esquire has taken on the quest to find stylish gents around the globe.
In a time where the other side of the world is just a
click away, role models are growing with the day, especially in this digital
age where everyone can (arguably) become a style icon over night. Therefore I applaud every initiative to highlight and show some appreciation to the real modern day style icons.
The nominees for the Dutch Esquire Style Awards are: Musician  Jett Rebel, Dave von Raven and Danny Vera, lawyer
Oscar Hammerstein, DJ The Flexican and TV and Radio Host Winfried Baijens.
There is a short behind the scenes video of their shooting day. 
For me the person who has to win the Dutch Esquire award this year would be Jett Rebel. Not only because he manages to stand out from the other nominees ( I don’t understand why, but  there seems to be a suit fetish going on at the Esquire headquarters all around the world. For some strange reason every edition seems to have 3 guys in suit at least nominated for no particular reason) but the young musician thanks his style and his career to self-acceptance and being brave enough to not only accept but also express yourself. This is something which I find very important for everyone to understand and implement into their lives.
Musician  Jett Rebel 
Even though there will be only one winner and I have expressed my not so subtle prefrence in this article, I wanted to highlight all the contenders as they have found their own voice via their style and hopefully will keep inspiring years beyond the competition.
Lawyer Oscar Hammerstein
Musician  Danny Vera, 
Musician  Dave von Raven 
DJ The Flexican
 TV and Radio Host Winfried Baijens

For more information and to vote visit the Dutch Esquire website here.