So maybe reindeer
sweaters and suspenders with Christmas trees on it aren’t really your cup of
tea (well let’s be honest, you’re probably drinking hot chocolate milk) and
you’re still on the hunt for the perfect holiday outfit. We all know what a
crime it can be to find outfits for not only the Christmas dinner with your family,
but you as a busy metropolitan probably have to collect an outfit for the Christmas
dinner at work as well as for the dinner plans you made with your friends and
even your sports mates. Although the easy way out would be to bail on all of
them, with a semi lame excuse, something like; Oh, I had way too much Hot
Chocolate Milk with rum in it. Or, I have a food poisoning thanks to some very
questionable coquilles. But let’s not go there. Let’s get back to the problem.
You don’t have anything to wear and by now you don’t know what to wear as you
don’t want to walk around (again) in the sweater granny gave you. Then I have
some ideas for you. [Please read with a tell sell voice]  Why celebrate Christmas in old fashion wear,
when you can also dress more modern for the holiday season. 
One of the few brands that managed to make a minimalistic yet very stylish holiday collection must be COS. The more mature daughter company of H&M offers more luxurious items and proof of that must be their Celebrate the Holiday Season in Style campaign. The images I think are amazing and a perfect example of how to dress stylish for the holiday season.


For more information about the  COS 2014 hoilday campaign visit the COS Website here.