Baptiste Radufe captured by the lens of Umit Savaci, for the latest issue of GQ Turkeymagazine.

When it comes to looks, can’t deny that male models
have got it going on. We all often dream of being on the cover of a cool
fashion magazine and who would refuse the opportunity to be mistaken for a
model? There are many physical and personality qualities that when combined
make a man look like a male model. Here are three simple ways to achieve this.

Austin Scoggin shot by Alex Bramall and styled by Julia Brenard, for the latest issue ofWonderland magazine.

1. Get in Shape
The simplest way to look like a model is just that- to be physically
It sounds easier said than done, but for a man to get in shape is actually
quite simple. Reduce your caloric intake and increase your exercise. Just 30
minutes of exercise, three times a week is enough to see noticeable differences
in your physique. Having built, muscular shoulders and arms which can be
achieved through weight lifting is a simple way to resemble a fitness model.

Baptiste Radufe photographed by Paul Morel and styled by Adele Cany, for the latest issue ofHunter magazine.

2. Dress the Part
Dressing like a model is simple! Magazines, Blogs and even social media platforms such as Instagram give countless ideas when it comes to the latest trends that celebrities, models and bloggers are wearing. Thank god many stores also carry the fashionable items (or legit rip-offs ) that most of your favorite male models are wearing. 
Don’t be shy to try out something new here. That shirt you might have your doubts about, could be your next favorite wardrobe staple. This is where my love for online shopping comes in very handy. If for some reason you end up disliking the purchased clothing, most online stores offer exchanges and refunds. Male models are bold in their style and clothing choices, so you will have to step out of the box and be a bit daring to achieve this look. It´s all about expression yourself and reflecting what´s on the inside out. Shake things up and if you don´t feel comfortable in a look, try to find elements within a look that will give you some comfort. For me I always start with a good base. Let´s take shoes for example. Converse All Stars amongst other trendy shoes are very popular not only among male models but loved by many fashionista’s and fashionisto’s all around the globe for their comfort and effortless style. 

Janis Ancens captured by the lens of Emilio Tini and styled by Emil Rebek, for the latest issue ofUn-Titled Project.
3. Personality
Last but not least is your personality. It makes a big difference, especially
when it comes to having the demeanor of a model. In order to look like a male
model, your confidence level needs to be noticeably high. This means boldly
looking people in the eye during conversations and taking control of situations
without overdoing it. If it is a classroom setting, raising your hand to
confidently ask or answer a question makes you stand out. Being confident
enough to have a meal alone at a restaurant yet look up and enjoy people
watching is another great example. This can be counteracted by lunch dates with
groups of people. ´

Matt Ardell and Marc Faiella At FM Models photographed by Cecilie Harris and styled bySivan Currie , for the latest issue of Boys By Girls magazine.

models put themselves out there, yet manage to maintain a level of coolness
that comes off as laid-back. Striking this perfect balance is not as hard as it
sounds and with everything you do, make sure to keep true to yourself. We all
have icons we look up to and hope to emulate. Male models are attractive,
confident and sociable. They have certain qualities that are unique, yet simple
to follow. A fashionable style and a laid back personality are the most basic characteristics
of a male model and ones that would work perfectly on you.