There are always those stores that surprise you. For me this was the case with Dutch retailer Shoeby. To be honest I wasn’t familiar with their menswear clothing line, but after attending their The Hague store launch I was must admit I felt a bit flabbergasted that I had missed the cool things the brand was working on.
The cool thing about their The Hague store, is the personal attention the store gives you. Their personal shopper service is one that could be compared to one at a luxury boutique, but what for me really makes this store unique is the ability to CUSTOMIZE their garments. If for example you want to pimp your jeans with some laser finishes, the brand makes this possible. They offer the ability’s to laser burn motives in jeans, print images onto shirts, bags and jeans AND tailor/ alter garments in their in store atelier . While you wait for your garment to be done, the brand also has a café where you can have a drink and a bite while you wait. The perfect way to kill time while shopping if you ask me. To be honest, even though the level of fashion isn’t where it should be for my taste, the brand and especially their The Hague store concept, gave me as a self-proclaimed critic, have some more hope left for the retail future and had me leaving the store with a exiting retail experience.

Visit the Store: Shoeby Den Haag. Vlamingstraat 18 2511 BB Den Haag
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