Around this time a year, money must be spend. If it’s not on a fancy
dinner, decoration or some nice outfit for yourself, it is spend on buying
gifts for your loved ones. And let’s be frank, is there anything more
challenging then thinking of a gift for the women in your life? Whether it’s
your mother, girlfriend, wife or best friend, buying a gift for a lady is never
easy. Maybe it’s because you don’t know what they like,  or that they are never satisfied? You still
can’t figure out what was so wrong about the socks, spatula or towels you
bought her last year. Keeping in mind that this month is the most expensive one
of the whole year, I put together a list of stylish, low budget,
always-nice-to-get-gifts. Just for you, to make this already overbooked month a
little easier on you. Merry Christmas!
Let’s first start off with something warm. This Christmas gift set from The East India Company is completely customizable to the tea desires of  your loved one., or surprise her by customizing a surprise box, which won’t be hard with over 120 varieties to satisfy curious minds.  
If you like it, you should put a ring on it, were famous words of legendary Beyoncé. We couldn’t agree more and what better way to decorate her finger than with a timeless minimal ring from &Another Stories. Afraid she won’t wear her present in winter? With these matching leather gloves from iNDiViDUALS by Ines, her fingers will be kept nice and warm in style and allow her to still rock that ring. But more about gloves in a bit. 
As we are in the spirit of fashionable gifts, this book cound’t be left out. Grace by Grace Coddington is a must read and
have for every fashion minded woman! A memoir by the creative director of VOGUE, Grace Coddington, Order it on Amazon here. Accompanied with these amazing smelling WOO candles you might remember
from my post here and with a cup of her favorite tea, she is ready for the
cocooning season.

Back to gloves again. These leather patchwork gloves from LMBK Young are
actually made for men but will work perfect for woman as well, keeping her hands
stylish and warm. A great alternative would be these patchwork mittens from PIECES here.

With this red lipstick from Doutzen Kroes by L’Oreal, her lips are guaranteed
to get the iconic power woman lips. Not only is super model Doutzen recently
crowned woman of the year, we trust her on her lushes lips that this lipstick
will look pretty on any woman.
This colorful bright pink Lush giftset is a true treat to receive. It features
a shower jelly, bubblegum lip scrub and fun play soap.  It will make her shower experience much more
This RAAF white furry pillow is the perfect gift for her to enjoy when
your soft shoulder is not there for her to rest her head on.  
Another soft present is this Repeat Cashmere shawl.   Made
from 100 Cashmere and died with organic dye, this shawl fits her delicate neck
like a glove.
Text: Christian Mpamo & Louise Kluit
Photography: Christian Mpamo