Although I might not be wearing fifty shades of
grey, I did manage to rock a lot of grey in this outfit. It might be the movie,
which will be released pretty soon, that got me in the grey mood, or just the
simple fact that we are now in hardcore winter. Either way, the cold January
days offer the splendid occasion to rock them dark colors. Of course I had to
continue the outfit in dark colors from head to toe until accessories. While
searching for the most exciting items for winter I stumbled upon an old friend.
For shoes I found the love back for a long lost love: Trainers. With these all
black, YES ALL BLACK, Nike MD Runners which I ordered via, I am back
on the sneakers track and I am loving it.
For winter I am also madly in love with my ZARA
bag. It surviving for a couple of months now and I think this fashionable piece
of luggage will stay for me until the end of winter.
What are your rediscovery this winter? Wearing: Colmar Grey Jacket | COS Grey Jumper | WEEKDAY Graphic Shirt | H&M Grey Jeans | WEEDAY Black Socks | NIKE MD Runners shoes via OMODA | ZARA Bag