Meet MARCUS.E. the new brand in
town. In very excited to see new and upcoming menswear lines ready to enter the
fashion platform. Especially when you know and see that someone is passionate
about what they’re doing.
But what is MARCUS.E? The Dutch fashion brand with international allure is based in Amsterdam
and founded by one of my friends and ex-blogger Angelo Elizabeth.
From an early age on fashion was the biggest passion of Angelo which
eventually lead to the move to Amsterdam and experience working in the Dutch
fashion industry. After blogging since 2011 and a trip to Paris Fashion Week,
the idea of his own brand was born.
The brand MARCUS.E is a merge of his illustrations skills, knowledge of
fashion and creativity. At an early stage it was clear to him that his
obsession with the hound’s tooth pattern will become the trademark of the
brand. After months of experimenting and research, Angelo Elizabeth reinvented
the hound’s tooth and made it retro cool. MARCUS.E incorporates the retro
hound’s tooth with modern/youthful aesthetics.
What started out as a one men’s project, has now grown into brand with even
a creative team to assist.


Angelo Elizabeth decided to officially launch his brand with a capsule collection called MARCUS.E RETRO. The collection consists of every day essentials with a contemporary twist. His inspiration for the SS15 capsule collection is the sporty era that has been in the fashion world the last couple of years.
The collection consists of 4 sweaters and a longboard, which can be pre-ordered from 24th of April till 15th of May. And later this year the RETRO collection will be expanded with T-shirts and polo’s.
About the remarkable choice for a longboard in his collection Angel expresses:
‘When I was in London, I got the inspiration to do something with a longboard. I saw trendy looking guys in suits on a longboard and I was intrigued by this refreshing style and the effect a longboard could have on ones personal style.
As you see a merge in fashion between dress and sport. Especially in London longboards and other sport items are earning a place within the designer collections. I knew I had to include some kind of sport item into the collection and I went for a longboard.
To shop the collection or learn more about the brand visit