Photo from Instagram

Jaden Smith shocked again by wearing a Black and white shift dress to his 2015 prom. And may I say, this 16-year-old knows what he is doing. The Son of the world famous Will Smith is slowly turning into a true modern male icon that keeps on surprising the world. This time, Jaden attended his prom with Amanda Sedlberg from the Hunger Games, both dressed in dark toned colours.

Jaden styled his outfit with an oversized black blazer, white gloves, white and black longline shift dress and added a pair of sneakers.

But what do we think of Men wearing a skirt?

For me personally a skirt is not gender-specific piece of garment. It is a common phrase these days, but it is the 21st Century and people should be allowed to choose and wear clothing that suits their personalities. Why are skirts for women and pants are for both genders?

Why is a woman allowed to pick and chose between flat shoes, running shoes, construction boots and heels and a man is pretty much denied the same? How would any woman feel today if her employer will explicitly require her to wear only skirts and heels?

A man should be able to wear whatever he prefers and feels ready to wear. I think we have entered a period of time where gender and fashion has become experimental and open for everyone’s personal interpretation. That being said, I do need to add one little side note, I would appreciate some grooming. Just to keep things classy!

To get back to the man who started this topic, Jaden. This teenager sure knows how to rock whatever he feels. His prom look is an ongoing exploration after stating he had grown an affinity for women’s clothing.  I am very excited to see what look this young fashionisto is bringing  to the fashion scene next.