It’s time for another exciting street wear brand with an interesting birth. It all began in New York in the spring of 2008. The supply of boring New York souvenir T-shirts frustrated two friends and made them start a limited edition line of tourists T-shirts for themselves and acquaintances. The designs were based on the addresses and locations where they met. Making everyday essential into a street wear designer piece with high quality workmanship and creativity, Balzac Projects was born.

For their fall winter 2015 collection Balzac Projects is inspired by the places, people and spaces they encounter in everyday life and during their travels. The label has added a lot of new products and patterns based on urban environments.

The prints show a wide variety of countries and cities. From the Big Apple, to obscure Racquet Clubs and vintage prints to hotel  signs and street signs.

By successfully updating the existing prints, such as St Germain and Lafayette St., for their fall winter collection Balzac Project ensures that the collection remains fresh.

Balzac Projects is currently sold in Europe, America and Australia.

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