When a couple of days ago Kany West was announced to show is second collection, anticipations were high. Even I have to admit I was curious to see what would follow after the very first Yeezy collection. The Yeezy Shoes  we know are a big hit, selling for more than thousands of dollars on the internet, so expectation were set high for Mister West. Not the least after the Harsh critique he got from the fashion industry on his debut show.

What a disappointment I felt. I know many websites have already reviewed the collection. But the only thing that stuck by me was the New York Times article by Cathy Horyn.







She perfectly captured what I was thinking while watching the show, online that is.

West’s second season featured his “army” of models in flesh-toned leggings and leotards, and military-inspired utility jackets. Horyn, like many others, found similarities between his first line and his second. “Yeezy Season 2 was kind of amusing,” she wrote. “Again, West worked with the performance artist Vanessa Beecroft, and again, he showed hoodies, baggy pants, and beige under-things, as if time these past six months had stood still.” – Cathy Horyn


I have no problems to see repletion, but why would you want that as a designer, standing still in a dynamic industry is killing.  But who cares, it’s Kanye right? If you know Kanye there are two thing to expect. Everything he touches turns into gold and he has more celeb friends on speed dial than any other.

Of course Kim Kardashian West was there with the couple’s daughter, North; her sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, and her half-sister Kendall Jenner. (Kylie Jenner, Kendall’s sister, appeared in the show.) Nearby sat Lorde, Seth Meyers, Riccardo Tisci and Michael Strahan; the rappers and musicians Common, 2 Chainz, Pusha T and Miguel; and down a bit farther, Courtney Love, Michael Stipe and Debbie Harry. – NY Times






But where does the talent come in? I feel like West is thriving too much on his fame and his army of celebrity friends to make the Yeezy brand a succes. Sadly he seems to be lacking the talent and in a world where we have so much, I think this collection did not enrich the fashion industry.

The looks were similar to those he showed at the first Yeezy presentation in February. Though Mr. and Mrs. West have been wearing pieces from the collection recently, they have not yet arrived in stores. – NY Times yeezy-season-2_fy11




“Kanye’s fashion show stuff looks like future slave gear to me… Just sayin,” Ice T tweeted alongside a composite photo of models in Kanye’s gear.





Therefore I secretly hope more attention will go to the talented young designers that are passionate about their craft. That we may give them the attention they deserve.  What are your thoughts on the collection?