_MG_0042For people like me, who are a part-time  member of the ‘no color club’ with favorite colors such as black, grey, white and some more black, rocking color can be challenging. But I got to be fair here and admit that I have a big crush on burgundy.  So why not fuse something you find hard to wear with something you love? In this outfit post I show you how I rock my ‘less’ darker colors. _MG_0036Sportswear for example has been my favorite wear for a while now and I must say, it keeps on intriguing me beyond my wildest imagination.  So for this look I decided to try and merge these two elements together by making a sports inspired outfit while also incorporating color into that look.

When thinking of yet another sports inspired outfit I thought about fusing elements together I would normally not pair together, such as a classic men’s trouser with an army jacket. But yet, together it seems to be working in some way. And can we talk about how the burgundy in the trouser and turtle neck pops against the army?_MG_0047And what better way to connect, dress, sports and color, than to style it off with some nice Adidas trainers. What are your thoughts on this look?
_MG_0039 _MG_0040

_MG_0056 _MG_0067

Wearing: Jacket from BLK DNM | Turtle Neck from WE Fashion | Trousers from Harry Brown | Sneakers from Adidas.

Photography by Meau | Website | Instagram