mdfs x RHUMAA bomber 2015 x1 copy

Today’s outfit post will be all about (temporarly) escaping the daily grind. Rhumaa has asked me and some fellow bloggers to share their moments of escape and I have chosen to share my go to moment which I use everyday.

Escapism is mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation, as an “escape” or dissociation from the perceived unpleasant, boring, arduous, scary, or banal aspects of daily life. – 

mdfs x RHUMAA bomber 2015 x11

We all know those days, where you have tons of work to do, the to do list just keeps on growing and you see absolutely no room to just relax.

Given that most of us here in Europe spend more than one-third of their days working, it’s no wonder you can end up feeling stressed, burnt out, and exhausted. Science already found a solution which I strongly advice: get up and take a break.mdfs x RHUMAA bomber 2015 x4

For me this means that I take short breaks in-between my work to just step outside. Filling my lungs with some fresh air, feeling the sun touch my face always gets my creative juices flowing and provides me with the extra (caffeine free) energy to get me through the day.mdfs x RHUMAA bomber 2015 x7

“Today, people everywhere look to escape, whether that be a sunset, a lone beach, a holiday or a cafe. ‘Escape’ to Rhumaa is a dreamy sign of happiness, celebration in someone’s life and to feel unique in the moment.” – Nicolaas Myburgh.

mdfs x RHUMAA bomber 2015 x8About Rhumaa: Rhumaa honours the world’s variety of culture and creative talent. Every culture and person havs its own story to tell: it is powerful, can inspire and bring wisdom. Rhumaa wants to reconnect with the beauty and knowledge of different cultures, in order to create a meaningful, strong and conscious fashion brand. A brand that is aware of every aspect of its production takes care of its tribe the world it lives in. Only in a socially responsible way, we produce what we create.

mdfs x RHUMAA bomber 2015x 5 mdfs x RHUMAA bomber 2015x3 mdfs x RHUMAA bomber 2015x9mdfs x RHUMAA bomber 2015 x12Wearing: Jacket from RHumaa ( The Fall | Winter Collection print was designed by a South African artist.) | Turtleneck from COS | Jeans from Garcia Jeans | Socks from Happy Socks | Shoes from TEVA