With the release of smart watches, timepieces with genuine technical brilliance is now being overlooked. This means brands such as Raymond Weil, 88 Rue Du Rhone and others are now being pushed into second place in order to make way for the newest and latest trend in the technology, the smart watch. Smart watches are an example of how it is ruining the timepiece world, taking away the true beauty of a watch. Just in time for the latest smart watch releases we thought we’d list 7 watch brands you should reconsider.


Founded in 2007, TRIWA is a young and independent watch and accessory brand dedicated to transforming the perception of the status symbol into a symbol of style. All TRIWA watches and accessories are born in our creative studio in Stockholm, where the city’s stark landscapes, diverse architecture and inquisitive people are the foundation for innovation. Each TRIWA product is a thoughtful juxtaposition of classic silhouettes, Swedish contemporary design and curated materials.

a shade of cream 5Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is a brand that has seen an incredible rise over the last 3 years. However, because it is relatively new that doesn’t make the brand any less valuable. The design is inspired by a timeless, contemporary style with the brand taking a minimalistic and classical approach. As watches are becoming increasingly technical and complicated it is time to revert back to classical watches. It doesn’t stop there as Wellington have involved interchangeable NATO straps with a thin and elegant face, producing a clean and versatile brand.

 Raymond Weil 

Raymond Weil have excelled in recent years with incredible collaborations including their latest one with The Beatles themselves. The Geneva based brand, holds some of the most influential people behind the brand with Mr Raymond Weil being succeeded by Elie Bernheim, also one of the men behind 88 Rue Du Rhone. The heritage of Raymond Weil has seen them quickly become a huge influence in the timepiece world. As they continue to design themselves, the DNA of the original Raymond Weil remains, continue to influence the timepiece world, even with the release of smart watches.



When it comes to anything watch related, Bulova should always be involved within the lists. Joseph Bulova started the brand in 1875 and created one of the most innovative brands the world has seen. They remained true to the art of timekeeping and always had the future in mind for their designs. Similar to U-Boat, Bulova only use certain materials, priding themselves on precision and the balance of style, sport and casual wear.

u-boat-watches mdfs U-Boat

U-Boat are an example of the technical brilliance that is now being overlooked when it comes to the release of smart watches. Timepiece lovers will appreciate everything about U-Boat from the orthodox appearance to the technical brilliance with the Swiss movement. Their use of materials stems from titanium, carbon, bronze, silver and ceramic in order to create some of the most aesthetically pleasing watches around. It doesn’t stop there as they continue to create revolutionary designs, using innovation in each and every process. U-Boat have a story behind each timepiece, helping them showcase their watches in most perfect way.


Tissot may be a surprise inclusion into this list, however with their rich tradition and fashionable timepieces, their brilliance should be recognised. Found in a small town in Le Locle, Tissot have become technically brilliant with each timepiece they have released. Their technological advantages have included the world’s first non-magnetic wristwatch, the world’s first self-wining wristwatch and even the first timepiece to include analogue and digital time. These are only a few advances that Tissot have developed and they should never be overlooked.Melvin hamilton shoes on mdfs

RENARD Watches

Renard -fox in French- stands out by mixing tradition and modernity into alluring watches with timeless design. Inspiration is found in great watch designs from the past, in details and elements that stand the test of time. Renard uses these influences and fuses them with modern philosophy: current trends, latest insights and relevant technology.