FDFA land foto 1 copyEver wanted to walk amongst one of the most creative minds in Fashion and Design of the Netherlands, than Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem (FDFA) is THE place to be this summer. Kicking off this year on the 2 of June are  the graduation shows  of  the students of the renowned fashion department of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts on 2 June. The same day the opening the 2016 edition of the Sonsbeek sculpture exhibition.

Stockdagen 2015_KRR6326But let’s rewind what is FDFA? So basically the city of Arnhem celebrates its creativity with exhibitions, events, shows, performances, lectures and workshops and they do it in one whole MONTH. Yes yes, more fashion and design than you can possibly handle.
FDFA land foto 2 copyMore than Fashion

Fashion has long been linked to Arnhem thanks to the renowned fashion department of ArtEZ. Design and fashion are closely connected to all cultural manifestations that take place during the festival in the Gelderland capital. However Arnhem isn’t limited to only fashion and design, the city is showcasing  most of the creative disciplines  throughout all the different events during FDFA.
Mens-Saturday_KRR0048Men’s Saturday

Returning this year to the festival is Men’s Saturday which will take place on June 18th.

Fashion and lifestyle for men; it has become part of our society and even Arnhem can’t deny that. After last year’s success, the Fashion and lifestyle day for men , like last year, will take place the day before Father’s Day. Meaning different activities throughout the city from early morning till late evening will be dedicated solely to the men. Think cognac, beer, jeans,  three-piece suit and barbecue.

Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem June 2 t / m July 3, 2016

More info: www.fdfarnhem.nl