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Nostalgia is a feeling everyone is familiar with and while the younger generation looks to the coming future, the older generation thinks of a time when things were very different from what they are right now. Speaking of differences, there has been a visible change in trends regarding the dress shirt over the years. Let’s look at how the world of fashion has evolved where dress shirts are concerned over the decade. Accoppanied by the text is an outfit I shot highlighting my way of wearing a modern shirt. Find more information on what I am wearing below.

Formal To Casual Wear

IMG_8837Where once it was considered a symbol of formalwear to wear a dress shirt, it has now become the norm to wear a dress shirt in all sorts of events, ranging from casual to formal. The degree of formality of a dress shirt, nowadays, depends upon the fabric, the pattern, and the numerous features a dress shirt entails. Also, it depends on what you wear it with. Whether you wear a leather jacket or a blazer a suit or jeans, corduroys or cargo pants. Not just what you wear it with is essential to the look of the dress shirt, another aspect if whether you wear it tucked or un-tucked.

Patterned Or Solid Colors?

When we see dress shirts of long ago, we often find them in neutral, solid colors and the traditional checkered pattern. Deviating from the traditions of the past, dress shirts nowadays range from solid dark to light colors, floral prints, and small to large patterned dress shirts.

A newer trend is that large patterns are more suitable for casual wear while the smaller, neater patterns must be used for formalwear.

Corduroys Or Jeans?

IMG_8859Something that only became acceptable a couple of decades ago is pairing your dress shirt with something other than corduroys. With the changing trends, everything from denim jeans to wool pants, cargo pants to flannel trousers can be worn with dress shirts. This not only contributes to the sophistication and dressiness of the entire outfit, but also adds diversity to your look.

What Fits You Best

IMG_8805Another change that has become potent over the years is the way in which men wear their shirts. Gone are the days of loose fitting dress shirts. The correct way to wearing a dress shirt is to making sure it fits in all the right places. Tailored dress shirts are the norm nowadays as are bespoke dress shirts. Most people get their own custom made dress shirts to avoid the hassle of getting an off-the-rack dress shirt fitted to their measurements.

IMG_8882One trend that I wish would slip out of today’s fashion is wearing mismatched clothes. While it looks extremely good at times, mostly it looks like a rainbow coughed you up, and I don’t mean that in a flattering way. On the upside, seeing men wear well-fitted dress shirts often is a blessing in itself.

IMG_8875WEARING :  In this article I am wearing a patchwork denim shirt from Wåven. Inspired by minimalist design, Denim  Waven is a modernist brand focused on clean lines. Two generations of denim manufacturing are translated into its range of jeans with perfect fits and finishes. | Trousers by WE FASHION | Daniel Wellington Watch | Sneakers (Soft 7)  from ECCO. ECCO Soft 7 celebrates the classic sneaker virtues. What you get is soft beautiful leathers framed in a confident high-top sneaker silhouette based on Scandinavian design values. Read more here.