Cape-Town-Rhumaa-south-africa-12International fashion brand Rhumaa, which operates between the Netherlands and South Africa has unveiled their SS16 lookbook Supreme Woman. The collections esteems women as noble warriors and life-giving nurturers. The strong silhouettes exude poise and purpose contrasting with the softer silk material and together embodies the multi-faceted essence of womanhood. Based in Cape Town, Rhumaa’s fashion designers translate the work of artists into unusual garments to help others feel part of the story and embody the piece of art they wear.


Cape-Town-Rhumaa-south-africa-1“We work with carefully selected and very talented local artists. These artists share their wonderful art prints and stories with us that can then be further interpreted by our fashion designers, alongside trends and seasons. The result is a heartfelt story told through fashion. We hope our garments inspire others to express their individualism and freedom of speech with as much heart as we have,” says the label.



Supreme Woman was designed by SA artist Esaias, who used bold graphic impressions inspired by the Ndebele tribe to create statement pieces. Ndebele wall paintings on the outside of traditional homes have always been painted and managed by women and is a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Women are also known to protect their husbands and tribesmen in times of war earning them supremacy and respect. Cape-Town-Rhumaa-south-africa-3

Esaias explains the inspiration behind his work saying that a woman is “the glue that holds it all together. She is wife, mother, counsellor, arbitrator, teacher, nurse, helpmate and loving companion. Her house is her kingdom and she rules it with all the grace and wisdom that she has been blessed with. Her family depends on her, and without her, they would be lost at sea; ships with no harbour”.


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