icon.collection1Urban mover

Flexibility and new forms of mobility in an urban society are the focus of the Strellson Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. The Strellson man places new demands on the right mix of individuality, style and function. Clear lines with little breaks are joined with a conscious use of utility aspects to create the unique silhouette and materiality of the urban mover. Purist, linear and relaxed: The silhouette for the coming Summer 2017 is presented with new volume. Conscious breaks in combining long, short, slim and loose fits create new excitement. Particularly the trousers have more interesting features than ever before. Details like pleats, draw strings, water-repellent finishes, graphic pockets and asymmetric design elements are featured throughout the collection.12-2016 STRELLSON_3738_A 12-2016 STRELLSON_4282_C 12-2016 STRELLSON_4312_D 12-2016 STRELLSON_4492_B
12-2016 STRELLSON_5001_C
12-2016 STRELLSON_5757_B 12-2016 STRELLSON_5965_B 12-2016 STRELLSON_6307_D 12-2016 STRELLSON_28670_C Casual_1_12-2016 STRELLSON_27788_E Casual_4_QM9A1782_D Dressy_1_12-2016 STRELLSON_3933_B
Dressy_3_12-2016 STRELLSON_5362_B Dressy_4_12-2016 STRELLSON_6464_D icon.collection icon.collection2 M88A3711_D QM9A1598_D