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Wearing: Suit from Harry Brown | Shirt from The Good People | Belt from New Yorker | Shoes from H&M Studios


The best man is more than just the Groom’s best friend. However, their role often goes unnoticed and their importance overlooked. Yes, weddings are all about the I do’s at the altar, the speeches, the long flowing dress and the first dance. But so much of how well that goes is pinned on the best man. He is the stalwart, a man with more responsibility than that of ring-bearer.

You see the best man is there to ensure the Groom has someone to lean on, to look at for reassurance, to ensure he shows up, doesn’t wobble and doesn’t faint. He is there to exude confidence, to make people laugh and to share in the experience of his best buddy. In short, the best man is one of the most important figures at a wedding; one who cannot falter or lose confidence; and that means looking suave, sophisticated and impeccable.

And here’s how to do that:suits formalwear

Shoes – All too often a suit is let down by a person’s choice of footwear, despite the fact that so many still rely on the old school of thought that states it is entirely fair to judge a man by his shoes. As such, never skimp on a good pair of shoes. Yes, they can be immensely costly, but you get what you pay for, and either you can spend $40 on a pair of cheap shoes you’ll have to replace three times a year or $200 on a pair that will last forever. So use your role of best man as an excuse to go all out. After all, when the going gets tough and you look down to the ground, your shoes will be the very thing that boosts your confidence.

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Grooming – When you play the role of best man, there isn’t many ways in which you have control over your style. Chances are you have been to a fitting, had a suit chosen for you and fitted to your measurements, which is incredible. But that doesn’t mean you have no control or impact. How you present yourself from the neck up is important. So have a look at some electric shaver reviews and buy the best one, go to the barber’s and have your haircut, and ask them what product you should use. Get some expensive moisturizer. Spend a little bit on a nice new cologne. Look smart. Scruffy may be your usual style, or perhaps a little rough around the edges is how you like to be thought of, but not on your best friends wedding day. No, this is the day you think, look and act like a gentleman. A lot is riding on your performance, so make sure you deliver.

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Wearing: Suit from Van Gils  | Turtle neck from WE Fashion | Watch from Daniel Wellington

Accessories – As we mentioned, you don’t have much say in the suit. But you can personalise yourself a bit. If you want to exude your fun-loving personality, then buy a nice pair of bright spotty socks, something acceptable without being ugly. Other than that, you are limited to two things: a watch and a ring. Luckily you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a gorgeous looking timepiece these days, you just need a good eye for something classy. As for a ring, stick to just one. This could be your own wedding ring, your family’s signet ring or just a decorative piece. But don’t wear more than one.