gantrugger shirtThere seems to be some sort of taboo that as you get older, you can’t necessarily ask for what you want for your birthday. When we were children there was no stopping of the flow of words coming out of mouths, detailing exactly what toy we wanted, where you could get it, what page of a catalogue it was on and in what colour, size and shape you desired it. Then as we get older it’s a vague nod towards something we have been coveting forever in the hope that people may just get the hint and be psychic to know exactly what to get you. Of course, there are ways of dropping in what you’d like into conversation – simply picking up the product and saying “wow, I’d really love this!” and other tactics have worked in the past, but people are quick to forget little ideas. It’s time that we took matters into our own hands and stopped the guessing game.


Shirt from Gant | Headphones from Sudio Sweden | Watch from Renard Watches

Shirt from Gant | Headphones from Sudio Sweden | Watch from Renard Watches


If you like a surprise when it comes to your birthday, then leave it at the vague idea – or no idea at all. Some people are content with getting whatever somebody decides to gift them (and yes, it’s a gift and you shouldn’t expect them etc. etc., but wouldn’t you rather use something than have it sitting there or having to give it away?) as it could be that the person giving you the present knows you a lot better than you think and gets it bang on every time. But for those who don’t have somebody who’s in the know exactly about what to get, you could create a wishlist on Amazon to give them some sort of idea. At least you know that everything is there and readily available for them to buy at the click of a button. It can still be a surprise as you won’t know what they’ve selected until it arrives. Ooh, the suspense is real.


Christmas – Christmas is a bit of a write-off in terms of getting exactly what you want, as there are usually so many other people to buy for – it’s not your special day. Unless your birthday is on Christmas, in which case, go wild. You could give a general wave over shops and online boutiques that you would visit, which could be good to gather ideas for presents for other people, such as Cuckooland gifts for her.


Special Occasions – If you’re a dad and celebrate Father’s Day, are graduating soon or have gotten a promotion in your job, these are all occasions where people are trying to assess you to see what they could gift to you – if they are so inclined to buy you something for it. However, these are not necessarily events where you can be specific with what you want, for fear of looking bratty or too greedy and expectant with your needs. Just sit back and see what you receive – you might just be surprised … it could be something you’ve always wanted or absolutely nothing at all. Wait and see.