004_4Have you ever dreamed of showcasing all your work in print like quality in your living room AND an amazing tv screen? Samsung is launching just that with their THE FRAME TV.  Samsung’s Design TV The Frame fits into any living room regardless the size or design. On the wall, The Frame functions as both art and a TV. When the TV is on, you can watch your favourite perhaps or your latest editorial. The choice is up to you.

The Frame was designed by designer Yves Béhar. His vision is that TVs should always have a goal, even if they are not up to date. “TVs are often big, black objects that are not even on most of the time. That’s changing with The Frame. When the TV is turned off,  you get the chance to look at your favourite artwork or your own pictures, giving the TV a totally new role, “says Béhar.

Frame-01The Frame counts over one hundred artworks from artists from all over the world. You can also show your most beautiful pictures on the screen. Furthermore, there are numerous options to further personalize The Frame, of different types of pass-part outs and lists, such as walnut wood, oak wood and white metal. Finally, with the Studio Stand, you can put The Frame as a design object in a  space to your liking.
The smartness of this new product is not only seen in the concept, but also the technology which it’s acquit with. The frame for example automatically lights up the brightness and colour you see on screen depending on the light that is inside. While a motion sensor is monitoring  if someone is in the room so that he can turn off completely when no one is present. That’s how The Frame really integrated seamlessly into your interior.

Frame-02The Frame is available in 55 and 65 inches. For the 55 inch variant, the retail price is € 2,399, – while the 65 inch version costs € 3.199, -. More info: samsung.nl