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Coctails infused with coffee as the summer cocktail for men? Say what? Just for a brief second, put down the gin, keep the vodka in the freezer and hear me out. DSC02899Like many, I was quite skeptic and intrigued when I got the invite for the Licor 43’s coffee cocktail workshop. Sure I was familiar with the sweet Spanish drink and the many soothing cocktails that are made with it. I admit I am not the cocktail connoisseur or in any way a professional cocktail maker, but being the cocktail lover that I am, it had never crossed my mind to combine  the worlds of coffee and cocktails. DSC02996In a taste buds stimulating workshop I got to explore the world of Licor 43. Coffee and Licor’s latest product: Licor 43 Orochata. The newcomer to the Licor family is a shake-like drink, has a Mediterranean flavour, contains Licor 43 Original, cinnamon and citrus. Licor 43 Orochata is inspired by the regional specialty Horchata, a milky drink made from ground almonds, water and sugar. Ground almonds owe their name to the way they way they grow, which is surprise surprise, under the ground. They have a naturally sweet and nutty taste which you will find back in Licor 43 Orochata.
DSC03081Horchata is an integral part of Southern Spanish culture. Behind the name of the new liqueur lies a beautiful legend. When visiting Valencia, King of Aragon Jaime I received a glass of horchata offered by a young girl. On the question of what she was saying, she replied, “It is earth almond milk my king”, which the king responded to: “This is not milk, this is gold, sweet girl.”

Licor 43 Orochata has a vegetable base and is described as a light liqueur, which leaves no layer on the tongue. An ideal aperitif that is ‘vegan friendly.’ The advice is to put Licor 43 Orochata in the fridge for a few hours. For serving, the bottle should be shaken, after which it can be poured with ice. DSC02930But let’s not get distracted here. The coffee cocktails were the main event during the tasting. But first off: What makes a good coffee cocktail? DSC02958It might seem a bit boring, but the most crucial part of making cocktails is getting the right combinations together. That means all the ingredients should work seamlessly together to deliver a taste explosion. For a coffee cocktail this means that the coffee should be perfect. Through a coffee tasting I learned the difference between several coffee beans types. DSC03084Choosing the right beans for the right cocktail is as crucial as the way you make the cocktail. The cocktail that I chose to shake; The COLLINS 43 uses 15ml of Espresso from the Suko Quoto roast. mixed with 30ml of liquor, 60ml of Monkey juice, 30ml of Orange juice (Yes, I know, it feels very weird to mix coffee with orange juice AND alcohol, but it works, trust me!) and tonic to top it all off.  The grapefruit tones in the Ethiopian coffee enhances the orange juice and the sweet tones of the Licor 43. This all together makes for a drink that will reassure you feeling awake and energetic. I don’t recommend this drink as the start of your day as it will WAKE you up. Also small side note, just don’t start your day with alcohol. Why have all the fun at the beginning of the day right?
DSC03115There you have it. Some tools to try out this cocktail trend for this summer for yourself. Find more licor cocktail recipes amonst the COLLINS 43 here: www.licor43.nl DSC03028Warning: The consumption of alcohol has been shown to be the leading cause of tattoos, piercings, marriage, divorce, elective surgery, and poor financial decisions. So do enjoy it in moderation.