buitenwesten x lets cocktail_153PS: If under 18, then please return to the home page and find another exciting article to read as this one is 18+ only, due to the nature of the content.

With the summer here, it’s time to enjoy all the beauty summer has to offer. One of the many thing that make summer even more fun are the diverse festivals that are kept all around the world.  

Amsterdam is no stranger to Festivals with a couple of dozen of them held in Amsterdam each year.  One of these recurring festivals is Buiten Westen.  The great people behind #letscocktail organised a little boat trip to the festival for influences and boy what a trip it was.  

With a lovely sunshine, a refreshing (and yes self made) cocktails we sailed away to the festival. Luckily I have some images as a memory of this fun trip.  So check them out below.
buitenwesten x lets cocktail_113
buitenwesten x lets cocktail_87 buitenwesten x lets cocktail_109buitenwesten x lets cocktail_139 buitenwesten x lets cocktail_106 buitenwesten x lets cocktail_103 buitenwesten x lets cocktail_118 buitenwesten x lets cocktail_94

Warning: The consumption of alcohol has been shown to be the leading cause of tattoos, piercings, marriage, divorce, elective surgery, and poor financial decisions. So do enjoy it in moderation.