Image shot with the Canon M6

Reebok Classic has fused the Club C and Workout sneaker designs into a new hybrid design optimized for a modern lifestyle.

Already known as the Club Workout, the new model is inspired by two legendary Reebok shoes that have both served a important role in the world of sports and streetwear.

For example, the heel of the shoe is from the Workout. This was a truly stylish 80’s crosstrainer, which allowed athletes to go through the gym and race track to the dressed country club without losing style. The sole is derived from the Club C, a classic low top shoe designed for tennis. Combined, they make a unique sneaker born from Reebok’s historic sports DNA.

The Club Workout is available in iconic black and white, with a rubber sole. As a result, the sneaker is a worthy tribute to Reebok’s original style, and sports and streetwear are seamlessly combined.

The new Reebok Club Workout will be available at and at shops like Baskèts in Amsterdam.